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Why we created this site:

  • So you can get to know the person that is running for office in your location at a relatively low cost to everyone. We also thought that 1 billion dollars to be raised for any one single candidate for one 4 year term was out of touch and really a total waste of a BILLION dollars.

    The purpose of this site:

  • To help put more access to political running mates of both parties. We hope to make it possible for everyone to listen to candidates, read comments from everyday voters and ask direct questions either towards individuals, or more importantly, the candidates.

    Who we are:

  • We are just plain folk's looking to help everyone get to really know who the candidates are and what they stand for. We felt overwhelmed by everything going on and put our heads together as a group. The idea was to produce a legendary virtual election cycle, generating a politician that works for the majority that elected them.

    What is our mission and what will we prove:

  • Through your personal interaction with the running candidates, this legendary virtual election cycle will help push the special interests out of the WHITE HOUSE because now the money needed for their campaigns will be very much reduced, yes "REDUCED" and their campaigns will all be here on Liberatethehill.com. Offering more accessibility and convenience while using this Liberating Tool during thee voting cycle. Now that will be a historic, won't it?

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