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Welcome To libertethehill.com.

We have created this site for everyone to use. With participation from everyone at all spectrums of this Great Country we will be successful in this new endeavor. With being a new site with a completely new aproce at Finding and Vetting Political leaders at no cost will benefit everyone. We also hope to break up the bi partisan holds that seem to keep the campaign cash needed to get new candidates noticed.

This endeavor will take some time, but with this New Tool with everyone’s input shouldn’t be too inconvenient. Voters can participate conveniently and as much as they choose. Candidates won’t have to spend as much time chasing down money or worry they won’t be noticed. Their message to “We The People” can be heard and clearly explained with no denying them of a fair system to campaign from.

So let’s get to work breaking the chains that bind are “Bald Eagle”! All we ask is to urge as many people Voters and Candidates to sign up and give this Idea a Participating chance at success! So E-Mail everyone www. libertethehill.com because the only way to bring “CHANGE” is to try NEW ways getting everyone involved at any an every level.

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